Our “ mission “ is producing car spare-parts that are absolutely identical to OE parts in every single aspect,  except where their price is concerned.

The goal  we have started pursuing in our SIR Automotive Parts Research and Development Center, is opting for high technology production processes to ensure  full satisfaction of the mechanics and end users who are the best to testify of our products excellency and of the fair relation in between quality and price.

SIR Automotive parts proposes a catalogue that is complete of the full range of its products but proposes as well  to study the feasibility and eventually realize from drawings  produced by clients,  almost any vehicle spare-part. The development of the projects are realized with the help of the best technologies that are improved  on the site  up to the excellency thanks to the vast experience and to the highest quality standards used,  ensuring  high performance and reliability  levels, in perfect syntony with the expectations and the pre-established requirements.

Discover you too, the Quality and Reliability of the SIR Automotive parts Brand: consult our catalogue and feel free to ask for any further info you might need.